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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Getting the Big Picture

One of the nice features of Quicken is the Financial Overview. It gives you a complete, big picture of your finances with a click of a button. It’s a bird’s-eye view of your overall net worth, based on your assets and liabilities for the month and for each month over the past year. Assets may include savings or properties, and liabilities include your debt, such as credit card debt and loans. Your net worth is determined by subtracting your liabilities from your assets. You can see instantly where you stand and where you need to adjust your financial situation, if needed.

Get the Big Picture

one.jpgIn the activity bar, click Financial Overview.

two.jpgIf you’re not already there, click the Net Worth tab to view a graph view of your assets, liabilities, and net worth over the past year.

three.jpgTo view your assets, liabilities, or net worth for a specific month, hover your mouse pointer (point, but don’t click) over a bar on the graph. A figure pops up, showing you what your net worth was for that time period.

four.jpgTo see a full view of the graph, click Show Full Graph.

five.jpgIn the Net Worth window, you can customize the graph by selecting a custom date from the Date range menu or a different interval of time from the Interval menu.

six.jpgClick Show Report to see a detailed breakdown of your assets and liabilities, including their totals.

seven.jpgClick Hide Graph to view only the report showing the breakdown of your assets and liabilities. When you are finished reviewing the information, close the window.

eight.jpg Click Show Net Worth Report to view the breakdown of your assets and liabilities (shown in step 7) without the graph.

nine.jpg Net Worth by Year shows your cash flow, investment, or property and debt net worth for a specific year or year-to-date. Hover your mouse over the bars to see the net worth for each type of activity.

ten.jpg Net Worth Allocation shows what percentage of your net worth comes from your cash flow, investment, or property. Hover your mouse over the pie chart to see how the net worth percentages break down.

eleven.jpg Scroll down to view the Net Worth Summary. It provides net worth by year and year-to-date for each of your cash flow, investment, and property accounts. Figures that appear in red are negative net worth.

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