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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

13 Password Protect a User Account


11.gif Create a User Account

12.gif Change the Account Picture

Windows XP user accounts can be assigned a password. This means that for a user to log on using an account, she must know the password. A user with an administrative account can assign passwords to other user accounts. Each user (whether she has administrative or limited privileges) can also create and change her account password as needed.

1.gif Select a User Account

In the User Accounts window (select User Accounts in the Control Panel to open this window), select the user account for which you want to create a password (your own account or any account if you are a computer administrator).

2.gif Select Create a Password

Select the Create a password task to create a password for the selected user. The Create a password window opens. If you are changing an existing password (a password that you set previously), the link appears as Change the password instead of Create a password.

3.gif Enter a Password

In the first text box, type a password for the account. Then retype the password as required in the second text box. You can also enter an optional hint for the password. The hint is shown on the Windows Welcome screen and is designed to help you remember your password.

4.gif Create the Password

After you have entered and then re-entered the password (and the optional hint), click the Create Password button. The account is now password protected. The password must be provided when you (or the account owner, if you are setting the password for another user) log on to the system.

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