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Key Parts

The following images provide a closer view of some of the key parts.

The Wheel

The Scooba wheels sometimes need to be replaced (because of normal wear and tear).. To do this, you must squeeze two latches and lift the wheel out of the Scooba shell. The entire wheel simply swings out far enough to unscrew it and for you install the replacement (Figure 8).

Figure 08

Figure 8 Removing the wheel.

The Pump

One of the more amusing pieces of the Scooba is the pump. Figures 9 and 10 show this in detail. In short, the water is sucked into the pump from the tank, then pushed out through two hoses (one on either side) and sprayed on the floor.

Figure 09

Figure 9 Front pump motor in detail.

Figure 10

Figure 10 Rear pump input(bottom)/output(top) in detail.

Fan Assembly

The fan is probably the key to the success (or failure) of the Scooba. It provides the suction for the prep vacuum stage to suck up loose debris and existing water that is left over from a previous pass, and it also provides the suction for the post-scrubbing water retrieval feature of the Scooba. In other words, the Scooba is designed to use one fan for everything—if it doesn’t work, or there is a break in the suction, the Scooba fails. Figure 11 shows the fan in detail.

Figure 11

Figure 11 Fan in detail.

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