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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

12 Remove an Application from Your Device

Once you realize how easy it is to expand your BlackBerry device by installing new applications, it's easy to get carried away and install everything you run across. There is a downside to this strategy, however, in that your device has a limited amount of memory that can get eaten up if you go wild installing unnecessary applications. The general rule of thumb is to keep only applications you use on a regular basis, which to me means weekly. Anything less than that, and I'd recommend removing the application and only installing it later on an as-needed basis.

Before you remove any applications, you should know that the BlackBerry Desktop Manager enables you to remove any application from your device, including many of the built-in applications. For this reason, you should be careful when removing applications so you don't accidentally remove an application you really do need.

  1. Launch the Application Loader Wizard

    With your BlackBerry device plugged in to your desktop PC and turned on, click the Start button on the Windows taskbar of your desktop PC to open the main Windows system menu. Then select All Programs, BlackBerry, Desktop Manager. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager application appears.

    Double-click the Application Loader icon in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. The Application Loader Wizard window appears.

  2. Select the Application for Removal

    Click the Next button to get started with the Application Loader Wizard. The wizard will take a few moments to analyze your device and then display the Handheld Application Selection window. This window includes all the applications installed on your device, including core operating system components.

    Scroll down in the application list to find the application you would like to remove. Click the check box next to the application name to uncheck it and indicate that the application is to be removed from your device. Click the Next button to continue in the wizard. The completion window of the Application Loader Wizard appears.

  3. Remove the Application from Your Device

    The Advanced button enables you to tweak the installation settings associated with application data and currently installed applications. More specifically, you can specify that all application data be erased from your device prior to removal. You can also specify that all applications be erased from your device before removal. These are both fairly aggressive measures intended to serve as somewhat of a cleanup of your device's state. They are recommended only if you are having problems, and even then you should perform a backup of your device prior to proceeding with any erasure.

Click the Finish button to remove the application from your device. After removing the application from your device, the BlackBerry Desktop Manager automatically synchronizes the device with your desktop PC.

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