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Which Hosted Wiki Is Right for You?

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Are you wiki wonky? Scott Nesbitt covers three popular hosted wiki services that are free or relatively cheap to use and provide easy tools to set up your wiki within minutes.
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Thanks to the popularity of Wikipedia, more and more people are aware of and are tapping into the flexibility and power of the wiki. While wikis began life as a tool for software developers to track and maintain their projects, they’re not just a techie tool. People use wikis for personal information management, as a repository for notes and ideas, to collaborate on development and writing projects, to share information, and more.

But setting up and maintaining your own wiki can be quite a chore. With most wikis, you need to install and configure the software as well as maintain a database and a web server. You might not have the time, skills, or inclination to do all of that work.

There’s another solution: hosted wikis. Hosted wikis are web-based applications that you can access from anywhere. They’re easy to use and free (or at least low-cost). Hosted wikis are a great way for anyone—regardless of their technical abilities—to take advantage of the power of the wiki.

This article looks at three wikis: LittleWiki, PBwiki, and JotSpot. If you’re interested in a hosted wiki, one of them could be right for you.

A Little Background

A wiki is simply a web site for which you can add, change, or remove content from within a web browser. The original wiki was created by a software developer named Ward Cunningham, who took the name of his creation from the Hawaiian word wikiwiki (meaning quickly). Like a web site, a wiki is a collection of individual pages that are linked together.

Many wikis, such as Wikipedia, allow you to make changes without the need to log in with a username and password. While you can make any changes that you want, the wiki keeps track of the revisions. An administrator can undo any changes.

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