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Navigate with "Big Picture" Tools

Most of the time you spend in documents is not in writing or editing, but navigating. With the advent of Word 2002/2003, Microsoft offered a couple of tools that present left-pane navigation options: the Thumbnail and the Document Map views. These features help to speed you through longer docs.

Use the Word 2003 Thumbnail view to move through documents when a visual display of the pages will help you track where you are. This slaps thumbnail images of the document pages in the left pane. The thumbnails are only available in Normal, Print, and Outline modes (choose View > Thumbnails as shown in Figure 9). You can scroll the Thumbnail view independently of your document (with some unevenness), and click any thumbnail to jump to that page. This kind of navigation is great for documents with distinctive visual features: graphics of differing sizes and shapes, charts of varying character, heavy use of color, etc.

Figure 09

Figure 9 The Thumbnails option is a toggle that presents several pages in thumbnail form.

It might be clearer, however, to see your document mapped according to subheadings, so for that you can use the Document Map feature (choose View > Document Map). As Figure 10 shows, a list of headings and subheadings appears in the left margin. A click on any line of the Document Map takes you to the heading you chose. Using this feature in Outline mode provides a nice bonus: You can double-click any heading in the Document Map to expand or collapse the text in Outline view.

Figure 10

Figure 10 Click headings in the Document Map to jump from one section or subdocument to the next in the outline.

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