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Ten Things I Hate About Web Sites

Daniel Dern relies on the Web enough to get pretty irked about sites that make it unnecessarily difficult to find information, because of bad design, missing content, or bad browsers. Rant along with Daniel through 10 behaviors that make you want to put some web designers - and the people who approved their efforts - on the Mikado's "little list."
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Web Sites Are Supposed to Make Things Easier, Aren’t They?

Like most daily Internet users, I go to the Web both professionally and personally. As a full-time freelance technology writer, I visit a lot of vendor web sites in search of such basic information as name and contact information for an appropriate PR person, the company’s full name, what the heck they do, specific product names and information, news, reviews, opinions, etc. I go to news sites for research. I may have to use a web interface to my email when at an Internet kiosk or other strange machine.

Like most consumers, I also use the Internet for a variety of more personal needs: ordering books and CDs on Amazon.com; shopping on eBay; making travel reservations; reserving and renewing library books; reading news and daily comic strips; looking up phone numbers, word spellings, definitions, and answers to medical and other sundry questions; and a myriad of other tasks.

I’m not disputing that the Web is a great, useful tool (as well as the ultimate timesink for info-philes). But a depressing number of professionally done, business-oriented web sites have serious problems, as far as I’m concerned—problems that keep me from getting my work- or consumer-related tasks done. And many or, more likely, most (possibly all) could have been avoided quite easily.

To paraphrase e. e. cummings, "S/he who thinks about your web site instead of its content will go to your competitor quickly."

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