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The Goods

Logitech ships these headphones with a wireless adapter (transmitter) to fit on top of your iPod, the headphones themselves, a charging cable, and a small cable adapter of some sort that doesn’t seem to fit anything and is not mentioned in the (brief) instruction manual.

The Transmitter

The transmitter is relatively small, but it adds enough heft to make this a tough addition to anyone using their iPod during a run or workout. As mentioned before, iPod Mini users can adjust it to fit their units, but Shuffles, Nanos, and iPods newer than 4th generation are out of luck. Your iPod needs to have the remote connector on top or it will not work with this product.

Figure 2

Figure 2 The transmitter

The transmitter has its own battery and does not drain power from the iPod, and the charger is a cool dual-cord device that allows you to charge both the headphones and the transmitter at the same time. Both units are rated for 8 hours of playback. I didn’t keep track of my usage exactly, but I think I beat that time by a comfortable margin.

A red light on the transmitter and the headphones indicates no connection, while a blue light (solid on the transmitter, flashing on the headphones) indicates that the pair have been successfully connected. Synching them is usually as easy as turning them both on and waiting a few seconds.

The Headphones

When you are away from your iPod enjoying your tunes, you can control volume and track selection from integrated buttons on the right speaker.

Figure 3

Figure 3 Volume, power/pause, backward skip, and forward skip buttons are built into the right earpiece

It is super convenient to be able to skip, rewind, or pause songs without having to go back to your iPod, although you can’t jump to a different playlist with the built-in controls. The volume control is also useful, but I found it was more effective to fine-tune the overall volume after you set the level on the iPod itself. In general I’d put the iPod volume fairly high and adjust the headphones down to fit the situation. They function independently from the iPod’s volume control and can’t always make music as loud as you may like if the iPod volume is set too low.

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