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Seven Things I Hate About Word Printing

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Word is a great program, but it's hardly perfect. When it comes to printing, there are at least seven problems that prematurely turn users' hair grey. Peter Aitken says, "Let the whining begin!"
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This article started out titled "Ten Things to Hate About Word Printing" but to be honest I could only come up with seven. I guess that’s a good thing! Even so, these are seven things that can and should be changed, if you ask me. OK, let the whining begin.

Print Me a Section

Word documents can be broken into sections for a variety of purposes, such as changing paper orientation, altering headers and footers, or restarting page numbering. Want to print just a single section of your document? Fugeddaboudit—there’s no Current Section option when printing. You can, however, determine the current section number from the toolbar, select the Pages option under Page Range in the Print dialog box, and enter sX where X is the section number. Works, but clunky!

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