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How To Develop Software Faster

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Matthew Heusser and Sean McMillan are convinced that it takes smart people to develop good software that makes money. Where do you find smart people? You don't find them; you make them! Matt and Sean provide some fundamental rules for doing just that.
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The Fundamental Argument

In the business world, there is one reason to develop software: It makes money. Software companies create software to generate sales revenue; IT shops write software to enable sales or reduce expenses. Software is an investment—the company spends money now to make more money later.

It stands to reason that developing software faster means more value delivered to the company, which makes the company more competitive and more profitable. Increased profitability should mean bonuses, promotions, company growth, better careers, and happier lives. While the world isn’t perfect, the logic works in general—Google and other Internet darlings offer incredible salaries, while flailing companies are offering severance packages.

In this competitive economy, developing software faster is not a "nice to have"; it’s a "must have." Yet, beyond the occasional exhortation to work harder, this idea gets little attention. Speeding up requires addressing two major areas: process and velocity.

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