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Business Resumption Planning in Small and Medium-Sized Offices

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Your small business can go from thriving to surviving in the time it takes for an earthquake, an intruder, or some other disaster to wreak havoc on your property. Leo Wrobel explores some steps that even very small businesses can take to prevent or handle a disaster and get back to normal.
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Size Does Matter

People tend to think of business resumption planning in terms of the Fortune 1000, but probably 90% of the businesses that could really use a plan are small or medium-sized. The sheer number of businesses that may fall into the "small to medium-sized" category boggles the mind: professional services providers such as law firms or doctors’ offices, manufacturers such as machine shops or "job shops" that do custom manufacturing or build and sell PCs; car dealerships; local banks; even municipal works such as city, county, or taxing authorities. The list goes on and on.

Due to physical size, location, or financial resources, small and medium-sized firms often have to do things a little differently than large companies. Whether big or small, however, any company can end up broke if it can’t recover from a disaster in time. So every organization, regardless of size, needs to have a plan. In this article, we’ll explore what works for large companies, small ones, or both. On the way, I’ll provide a few hints on how you can get something in place quickly for your small or medium-sized business.

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