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Displaying a Linked Picture in Word

Back in the Word movie display document, you need to find a place to display your movie picture. In this case, I split the Cast field into two cells, set the row height to exactly two inches (for consistency), and put the pictures in the right cell. In any case, click where you want the picture displayed and press Ctrl+F9 to insert field braces. Type includepicture "" (including the quotes) between the field braces, as shown in Figure 11. Put the insertion point between the two quotes.

Next, on the Mail Merge toolbar, choose Insert Merge Fields, select Photo, and then click Insert. The field braces and contents might disappear (they probably will). But don’t despair. Instead, press F9 (Update Fields). This should cause the linked picture to be loaded from the web and to appear (unless it’s one of those pictures that can’t be linked to, in which case you’ll need to find a different picture). With field codes displayed, it appears as follows:


Hence, the displayed content from { MERGEFIELD Photo } becomes the INCLUDEPICTURE link. Slick, eh? Better still, it works.

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