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A Network of Interest

Figure 1 illustrates a network that will later help to describe the concept of chain of responsibility.

Figure 1

Figure 1 A service provider network linking two enterprise sites

The left and right sides of Figure 1 illustrate an enterprise with mixed telephony and data applications. The center of Figure 1 shows a simplified service provider network. See the network management system (NMS) at the bottom? Well, this is where much of the network configuration and monitoring activity occurs. This is also where fault reports are sent; for example, if Link 1 fails, a message (called a notification) is sent to the network management system. We’ll see more on such faults later.

The network in Figure 1 is IP-based. It illustrates the way in which modern networks are moving away from legacy technologies and embracing an end-to-end IP model. (For more on information, see the first reference in the Additional Reading section.)

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