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Right-Click Menu

Figure 18 shows the right-click menu. Note that the lower-right menu corner is on the lock icon in the Systray. That’s GPG. Note the functions. From this menu, you can access almost everything that you’re likely to use in day-to-day operation, so I’ll walk you through these functions.

Figure 18

Figure 18 Right-click menu

  • Encrypt Clipboard: Want to encrypt a screenful of unsigned text to someone’s public key in a hurry? Copy your content to the Clipboard, right-click Encrypt Clipboard, and paste it into the mail client.
  • Decrypt Clipboard: Copy encrypted content into the Clipboard and right-click. If the key to which the document was encrypted matches one of your private keys, you immediately see a passphrase prompt. Enter it correctly and paste the decrypted text into a document.
  • Key Server Dialog: Refer to the "Importing a Key from the Key Server Network."
  • Configure KGpg: Unless you are familiar enough with KGpg to know that there are parameters you need to change and why they need to be changed, ignore this option.
  • Restore: This option brings up the Key Management screen, in which you can access any function not included in the right-click menu.
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