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March 2005

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This chapter is from the book

The Saint Patty’s Day Massacre!

God of War thundered onto the scene in March ‘05, shocking gamers with its ultra-violent and wickedly fun gameplay. God of War was a reason for Xbox fans to dust off that PS2.

Of course, stealth fans sank their collective teeth into another top-shelf Splinter Cell Game as Chaos Theory shipped and lived up to its name, as did the Freedom Force sequel, Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich. Shooter fans were plunged, yet again, into World War II in Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and despite the tired genre, it was so much fun no one seemed to care.

Finally, gamers finally saw the new Sony PSP handheld in action with games such as Ridge Racer, WipEout Pure, and Lumines.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad month.

Flop of the Month:

  • PSP Busts—Although there were some quality PSP launch titles released in March there were an equal number of poor releases for the new platform like Spider-Man 2, World Tour Soccer, Dynasty Warriors, and Gretzky Hockey. Weak games like this put a damper on the PSP’s launch.
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