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CCNA Practice Questions: Basic IOS Configuration and Basic Serial WAN Connectivity

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Test your knowledge and preparedness for the CCNA exam with 50 practice questions and answers from Exam Cram 2.
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  1. In which of the following modes in Cisco's IOS can you issue show commands? (Choose two.)

    1. User

    2. Privileged

    3. Line Configuration

    4. Global Configuration

  2. You are the network administrator for a large corporation. You want to be able to store all your configurations in a centralized location. Which of these servers will allow you to do so? (Choose two.)

    1. FTP

    2. TFTP

    3. SQL

    4. Oracle

  3. You need to troubleshoot your network IP connectivity. Which of the following commands would you use to find the IP address on your Ethernet 0 interface?

    1. ping

    2. IPConfig

    3. traceroute

    4. Show interface Ethernet 0

  4. Which command would you use at the CLI in User mode to enter Privileged EXEC mode?

    1. Privilege

    2. Admin

    3. Enable

    4. Disable

  5. You have just received 14 Catalyst switches for your network. You would like to install these switches into your production network to provide separate collision domains for each of the connected devices. What configuration is required to provide this functionality?

    1. No configuration is required.

    2. You must set up an IP address on the switch.

    3. You must configure unique VLANs on the switches.

    4. You must install the Cisco IOS.

  6. Which of the following prompts indicates your router is in Privileged EXEC mode?

    1. Router>

    2. Router#

    3. Router&

    4. Router$

  7. You have made a console connection to your Cisco Catalyst switch and you see the > symbol in HyperTerminal. What does it mean?

    1. You are in Privileged EXEC mode.

    2. You are in User EXEC mode.

    3. The switch has not been configured.

    4. The switch is in need of repairs.

  8. You would like to assign a meaningful name to your Catalyst switch. What command should you use?

    1. enable

    2. host name

    3. hostname

    4. name

  9. You need to assign an IP address to your Catalyst 2950 switch. You are at the HQ_SW1> prompt. What is the correct series of commands? (cr = carriage return)

    1. enable <cr> ip address

    2. enable <cr> ip address

    3. enable <cr> configure terminal <cr> ip address

    4. enable <cr> configure terminal <cr> interface vlan 1 <cr> ip address

  10. Which of the following commands displays the syntax for the clock command?

    1. cl?

    2. clock?

    3. clock ?

    4. cl ?

  11. Which of the following commands allows you to configure a welcoming message whenever you log in to a router?

    1. Router(config)# banner message

    2. Router(config)# banner motd &

    3. Router# banner motd #

    4. Router# banner message !

  12. You need to connect to your 2621XM router to configure an interface. Which of the following methods allows you to connect to and issue commands on the router? (Choose three.)

    1. Telnet

    2. FTP

    3. Console connection

    4. AUX connection

  13. You want to prevent unauthorized users from plugging their laptops into the router. What type of password helps prevent this issue?

    1. vty

    2. Interface

    3. Console

    4. Enable

  14. You have connected to the console port and are running HyperTerminal. You see only scrambled characters and symbols. What is the most likely solution to this problem?

    1. Change the connectors.

    2. Use a different Terminal program.

    3. Reset the router.

    4. Adjust the baud rate of your COM port.

  15. Which of the following commands would you type to receive this output shown in the figure above?

    1. Show running-config

    2. Show startup-config

    3. Show ip route

    4. Show version

  16. You are configuring a router named East for authentication with a router named West using CHAP. What username should you configure on East to allow the routers to communicate?

    1. East

    2. West

    3. South

    4. North

  17. What is the default point-to-point encapsulation protocol used on a Cisco router?

    1. PPP

    2. SLIP

    3. HDLC

    4. ATM

  18. What type of handshake occurs with CHAP authentication?

    1. One-way

    2. Two-way

    3. Three-way

    4. Mutual

  19. You have connected to your Cisco router through a Telnet connection. To test one of your connections, you use a debug ip packet command. Even though you are sure traffic is passing through your router, nothing is reported in your terminal window. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

    1. There is no debug ip packet command.

    2. You need to type in the terminal monitor command to see debug output from a Telnet session.

    3. This command displays information only if the interface experiences trouble. No output indicates that the interface is fine.

    4. Cisco routers do not allow you to enable debug commands remotely due to security restrictions.

  20. Which of the following commands would you type to see this output on your Cisco router shown in the previous figure?

    1. Show version

    2. Show running-config

    3. Show startup-config

    4. Show router setup

  21. Which of the following commands would you type to see this output shown in the figure above?

    1. Show interface Ethernet 0/0

    2. Show ip interface detail

    3. Show interface Serial 0/1

    4. Show ip interface brief

  22. Your routers at ACME, Inc., are having some connectivity issues. You issue show commands for each connecting router's interface. Why are they unable to communicate (see figures above)?

    1. Incorrect IP address

    2. Wrong routing protocol

    3. Bad cable

    4. Encapsulation mismatch

  23. You need to back up the configurations you just made, but no TFTP servers are available. Which of the following commands are options to back up your currently running configuration? (Choose two.)

    1. Router1#copy running-config startup-config

    2. Router1#copy running-config flash

    3. Router1#copy startup-config running-config

    4. Router1#copy running-config http

  24. You are consulting a small business that is establishing its first WAN link. The client wants to know what encapsulation you will be using on the link. Which of the following are valid encapsulations for WAN links? (Choose three.)

    1. Frame relay

    2. Ethernet

    3. Token ring

    4. PPP

    5. HDLC

  25. Your boss is concerned about security on your network. She wants to make sure that no one can identify passwords if he or she happens to view a configuration on your router. What command encrypts all passwords on your router?

    1. Router1#service password-encryption

    2. Router1(config)#service password-encryption

    3. Router1#enable secret password

    4. Router1(config)#enable secret password

  26. You need to set up a password that will prevent unauthorized users from telnetting into your router. What series of commands would you use?

    1. Acme1(config)# line console 0

    2. Acme1(config-line)# password acme

      Acme1(config-line)# login

    3. Acme1(config)# line vty 0

    4. Acme1(config-line)# enable password acme

    5. Acme1(config)# line vty 0

    6. Acme1(config-line)# enable secret acme

      Acme1(config-line)# login

    7. Acme1(config)# line vty 0

    8. Acme1(config-line)# password acme

      Acme1(config-line)# login

  27. When you are setting up your serial interfaces, what does the clockrate command do for your connection?

    1. Establishes the timing at which you send data

    2. Establishes keepalives

    3. Establishes the advertised bandwidth

    4. Establishes the time on the router

  28. You need to set up passwords on all your default Telnet lines. What command would you start with?

    1. Router1(config)#telnet configuration

    2. Router1(config)#interface Ethernet 0/1

    3. Router1(config)#line vty 1 5

    4. Router1(config)#line vty 0 4

  29. You can execute show commands at which prompt? (Choose two.)

    1. Router1#

    2. Router1(config)#

    3. Router1(config-router)#

    4. Router1>

    5. romon1>

  30. You are configuring your router and type in an Enable password and an Enable Secret password. Your fellow network technician asks you why you have two passwords set when you need only one. What do you tell him?

    1. The Enable password is used by low-level applications.

    2. If you reverted to an older version of the IOS, it would not understand the Secret password.

    3. Both passwords are treated the same.

    4. It is a failsafe method of ensuring that people need to type two passwords instead of just one.

  31. You need to get back to Privileged EXEC mode from Interface Configuration mode. What is the quickest method?

    1. Ctrl+Shift+6; then press X

    2. Ctrl+Esc

    3. Ctrl+Z

    4. Type exit

  32. When you are establishing a PPP link, which of the following would be negotiated? (Choose three.)

    1. IPCP

    2. CHAP

    3. UDP

    4. Q.931

    5. Multilink Protocol

  33. Which of the following commands returns your router to a previously saved configuration?

    1. Router1#setup

    2. Router1#copy running-config startup-config

    3. Router1#copy startup-config running-config

    4. Router1#reload

  34. You are in Interface Configuration mode and would like to recall the last command you typed, move your cursor to the beginning of the command line, and type no before the recalled command. You notice your up- and down-arrow keys do not function because you are using an older terminal program. What command combinations could you use to recall the previous command and move your cursor to the beginning of the line?

  35. Press Ctrl+P to recall the previous command and Ctrl+A to move to the beginning of the command line.

    Press Ctrl+L to recall the previous command and Ctrl+B to move to the beginning of the command line.

    Press Ctrl+D to recall the previous command and Ctrl+A to move to the beginning of the command line.

    Press Ctrl+E to recall the previous command and Ctrl+A to move to the beginning of the command line.

  36. What is the baud rate setting for your terminal emulation program so that you can communicate through your console port?

    1. 2400

    2. 9600

    3. 14400

    4. 36300

  37. What must be configured on a Cisco device to enable Telnet functionality?

    1. A management IP address

    2. SNMP

    3. CDP

    4. vty ports

  38. You are configuring your Cisco router and need to go back to User EXEC mode. What command takes you back to User EXEC mode?

    1. Router1#enable

    2. Router1#exit

    3. Router1#configure terminal

    4. Router1#disable

  39. Which of the following commands places an IP address on your Catalyst switch?

    1. Switch1#ip address

    2. Switch1(config)#Set IP

    3. Switch1(config-vlan)#ip address

    4. Switch1(config-vlan)#ip address

  40. Which of the following commands would you enter to receive this output shown in the figure above?

    1. Router1#show NVRAM

    2. Router1#show Flash

    3. Router1#show Flash-Mem

    4. Router1#show Version

  41. Your senior network administrator is unable to telnet to a Catalyst switch because she forgot the IP address. You have physical access and are able to console in. Which of the following commands is the best to get the IP address on the switch?

    1. Switch1#show ip

    2. Switch1#show vlan 1

    3. Switch1#show ip route

    4. Switch1#show interface vlan1

  42. You have powered up your Cisco 3640 router. The first thing you see is this output. Which of the following statements about this screen is accurate (see figure above)?

    1. Your IOS is corrupt and unable to load.

    2. Your configuration is missing parameters.

    3. You do not have a configuration saved in NVRAM.

    4. You have typed setup in the Privileged mode.

  43. You type in a command and are shown the following output:

  44. % Ambiguous command: "show con"

    What does this mean?

    1. You did not enter enough characters for your device to recognize the command.

    2. You did not enter all the keywords or values required by this command.

    3. You entered the command incorrectly.

    4. Context-sensitive help is unable to help you with this command.

  45. You are typing a command into the Cisco IOS. It is more than one terminal line long. What will the IOS do?

    1. The router automatically moves the cursor to the next line and uses a caret (^) to indicate the line break.

    2. The router truncates the command because commands longer than one line are not allowed.

    3. The router automatically scrolls the line to the left and uses a dollar sign ($) to indicate that there is text to the left of the $.

    4. The router shortens all the commands to squeeze the command on to the screen.

  46. You want to change the size of the command history buffer. Which of the following commands will set it permanently to 100?

    1. Router1#terminal history 100

    2. Router1#history size 100

    3. Router1(config)#terminal history 100

    4. Router1(config-line)#history size 100

  47. You have configured a description on your serial interfaces. Which of the following commands displays the description? (Choose two.)

    1. Show running-config

    2. Show flash

    3. Show interfaces

    4. Show ip protocols

  48. You are typing commands into your Cisco IOS on your 3640 router. However, your typing is consistently interrupted by console messages, forcing you to retype. Which of the following commands forces the IOS to retype your original input after it displays the console message?

    1. Exec-timeout

    2. Logging synchronous

    3. Line console

    4. Exec message readout

  49. You are configuring a router and issue the command interface ethernet 1/0/0. What do the numbers represent?

    1. Slot/port/interface

    2. Slot/interface/port

    3. Port/slot/port number

    4. Slot/port adapter/port number

  50. Which of the following commands correctly sets the physical speed of a serial interface to 64Kbps?

    1. Router1(config-if)#bandwidth 64

    2. Router1(config-if)#bandwidth 64000

    3. Router1(config-if)#clockrate 64

    4. Router1(config-if)#clockrate 64000

  51. In what mode do you use the encapsulation command?

    1. Interface Configuration mode

    2. Sub-interface Configuration mode

    3. User mode

    4. Privileged mode

  52. You are configuring your router, and your boss happens to look over your shoulder as you type a show running-config command. She sees one of the lines that says password 7 14361F009A056E7D and asks what this means. What do you tell her?

    1. It is the actual password.

    2. It is the result of a service password-encryption command.

    3. The console output made a mistake.

    4. It is the result of an enable secret command.

Quick Check Answer Key

  1. A, B

  2. A, B

  3. D

  4. C

  5. A

  6. B

  7. B

  8. C

  9. D

  10. C

  11. B

  12. A, C, D

  13. C

  14. D

  15. A

  16. B

  17. C

  18. C

  19. B

  20. A

  21. D

  22. D

  23. A, B

  24. A, D, E

  25. B

  26. D

  27. A

  28. D

  29. A, D

  30. B

  31. C

  32. A, B, E

  33. D

  34. A

  35. B

  36. A

  37. D

  38. D

  39. B

  40. D

  41. C

  42. A

  43. C

  44. D

  45. A, C

  46. B

  47. D

  48. D

  49. A

  50. B

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