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Test Your Advanced SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 Skills

The 30 exercises found in this chapter allow you to test your knowledge with SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 at an advanced level.

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The 30 exercises that follow allow you to test your knowledge with SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 at an advanced level. As with those that preceded, the vast majority of these exercises can be done from the console, but you might find it helpful to have at least one client connected to the server. Once again, the ideal client for most purposes is the Novell Linux Desktop.

Step-by-step solutions to these exercises appear in Chapter 4, "Solutions to Exercises." Table 3.1 lists the objectives and prerequisites from the courses used to prepare for the Novell CLE (Certified Linux Engineer) 9 that this section covers and which exercise each of those tasks can be found in. Where possible, every objective that could have an exercise associated with it is represented here at least once.




Configuring a DHCP Server

Exercises 48, 68

Configuring a DNS Server

Exercises 49, 67

Configuring Email Services

Exercise 50

Detecting Intruders

Exercise 51

Implementing a Packet Filter

Exercise 52

Implementing a Proxy Server with SQUID

Exercise 53

Implementing a VPN

Exercise 54

Implementing a Web Application Server with Tomcat

Exercise 55

Implementing an Application-Level Gateway

Exercise 56

Implementing General Security Practices

Exercises 57, 73

Implementing Host Security

Exercises 58, 71

Implementing Network Printing Using CUPS

Exercise 59

Implementing Network Security

Exercise 60

Implementing OpenSLP

Exercise 61

Implementing Samba to Provide File and Print Services

Exercise 62

Install SLES 9

Exercises 46, 72

Managing the SLES 9 System Configuration

Exercises 47, 69, 70, 74, 75

Monitoring Traffic on Your Network

Exercise 63

Relating General Firewall Concepts

Exercise 64

Responding to Security Breaches

Exercise 65

Securing Services with Cryptography

Exercise 66

Using YaST


Exercise 46: Alabama Cement

You are an administrator for a company that owns a number of independent concerns. One of those entities, Alabama Cement, has purchased an SLES 9 server, and you have been assigned to go to the site and install the operating system.

Someone will be following after you to install the proprietary software the site needs in order to do its specialized tasks. Your assignment is merely to perform a normal installation of the operating system.

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