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SharePoint 2003: Popping a New Site in Place Pronto

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Need to create a new SharePoint Site? No problem. There are a few preliminaries, two or three brief procedures, and an optional foray, all of which you can whip through in no time at all. Laurie Rowell shows how it's done.
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Let's say your day is going like one of mine. One moment you hear your coworker, Biff E. Kerr-Wicket, muttering that he needs to create another new site on SharePoint. The next, he has jumped to his feet, shouting, "YOU MONKEYS! What do you all think you're doing here?"

I can promise that, whatever set Biff off, it wasn't the chore he just mentioned. Creating a new SharePoint site is not much trouble at all. You can do it during the next twenty minutes while he harangues the gaping throng who are now busy peering like prairie dogs over their cubicle walls.

So, there being nothing to do for Biff beyond looking on in sympathy as the security forces hedge toward him, let's get that site going.

Get Permission

The first thing you'll need to do is have a word with the SharePoint administrator for your group, making sure that you have the proper permissions. The five SharePoint permission levels are designated by these self-explanatory titles: Guest (not always available), Reader, Contributor, Web Designer, and Administrator. You'll need Web Designer or Administrator access to make this work.


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