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Conversion Features for Quark and PageMaker Files

For those of you who have made the switch and have a wealth of legacy files to consider, I offer the following advice:

First, determine how many legacy files you have. Then you need to consider who you typically share your files with. Will you still need to share those files with external users and, if so, will they be converting as well? Set aside assets that need to remain as they are, or static. For all other files that have the potential for conversion, determine how many of these will actually be reused. Finally, from this narrowed-down list, determine whether you will need to convert all the files at once, or a file at a time, as needed.

Then use this list to consider each file’s internal resources. Do you have all the files (images) and fonts these legacy files require? This is very important and will help avoid conversion issues.

If a batch conversion is needed, take a look at Appendix B, "Resources." It includes plug-in sources that might assist you with your conversion requirements.

Finally, review some of the conversion specifications discussed in the next section. For a more thorough review, locate converting legacy InDesign, PageMaker, and Quark files in your InDesign CS2 user guide.

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