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Offshore Attrition: 7 Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining IT Employees

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Attrition isn't cheap. If your company is offshoring to save money, high employee turnover rates are probably already hitting you in the bottom line. Implementing the seven strategies in this article will help IT managers to retain those valuable offshore employees longer.
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Attrition is beginning to significantly affect offshore ROI. Just as businesses faced a scarcity of talented IT resources during the dotcom era, organizations in offshore countries such as India are experiencing similar pains. Skilled employees are hopping from job to job and taking with them the customer knowledge and technical expertise that your company needs. Their salaries are increasing, along with their perks, benefits, and bonuses. Whether you're a vendor or a business with a captive center, here are seven tips to combat this problem.


Are your offshore outsourcing projects experiencing any of the following outcomes?

  • Projects run late.
  • Too many errors occur, resulting in high maintenance costs for the finished product.
  • Projects cost more than estimated.
  • Key resources are chronically overscheduled.
  • Product end users are dissatisfied with results, so uptake is poor.

If you said yes to one or all of the above, you may be suffering from "attrition-itis," a common management malady afflicting global sourcing companies.

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