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Cross-Network CD Burning with NeroNET

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If you've run into roadblocks to sharing your DVD/CD burner over your home network, you've come to the right place. Learn here how you can use NeroNET software to share your DVD/CD recorder in an intranet setup.
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If you've just invested in a DVD/CD burner and are trying to maximize your investment with your home network, you might be wondering how you can share your DVD/CD burner to burn DVDs and CDs over your network.

I did a pretty involved search on the Internet, scouring forums to try to figure out how to do this. The answers I found were usually, "You can't do that" or the obnoxious question answered by a question, "Why didn't you just get an external USB DVD/CD burner?" During my quest for an answer, I stumbled over a piece of software from Ahead Software AG called NeroNET. NeroNET works in tandem with the popular CD/DVD burning software Nero Burning ROM. In this article, I'll introduce you to NeroNET and how you can use it to share your CD/DVD recorder in an intranet setup.

An Overview

NeroNET works using a client server/model. Clients use their own Nero Burning ROM software to record a CD/DVD. However, rather than burning the CD/DVD on a local drive, NeroNET's client component facilitates the client's recording process over the network. The CD/DVD is actually physically recorded at the NeroNET server. The NeroNET software this article covers consists of two components:

  • Server program component: Responsible for burning CDs/DVDs on the server workstation
  • Client program component: Responsible for sending jobs for recording to the NeroNET server

When you try to burn a CD/DVD using NeroNET, the client computer first uses NeroNET's client component (which is innately integrated into Nero Burning ROM) to generate an image of the CD/DVD you want to burn. This image is sent across to the NeroNET server machine physically equipped with a CD/DVD burner for recording.

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