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Creating the OS X Java Application

Building the Java application for the OS X side wasn't difficult. I used the open source Eclipse product as the development environment for writing the code. It's a free, industrial-strength integrated development environment (IDE) worthy of an article all its own (see Figure 2).

Figure 02

Figure 2 Eclipse is an industrial-strength open source IDE.

I had to create four classes for the OS X file monitor application (see Figure 3), to be called EONPing (EON is the project's code name):




Displays the application's user interface, configuration code, and messaging architecture (see Figure 4).


Handles sending the HTTP messages to the ASP.NET web site, the URL of which is configured in the File Watcher dialog box.


Contains the required Main() function that acts as the kickoff point for the entire Java application. EONPing really does nothing more than create an instance of the class EONFileMonUI.


Contains one function, getDateTime, which return a string indicating a specific date and time.

Figure 03

Figure 3 The OS X File Watcher required the creation of four classes.

Figure 04

Figure 4 The File Watcher user interface.

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