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RSS 101

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Making RSS Work for Your Organization

The implications of RSS are far-reaching. As you have seen, news sites and private bloggers are already taking advantage of the power that the RSS feeds bring to distributing content to the general and interested population. Yet, the general public space is not the only place in which RSS can have significant impact. Using RSS within small web sites and private company-wide web sites can produce interest results. Consider the following:

  • A high school teacher can use RSS to post his daily lesson plans to students who are registered to his feed.
  • A student can use RSS to post her homework assignments to teachers who are registered to her feed.
  • A company can use RSS to post and update employee handbook and procedure guidelines.
  • A doctor can use RSS to distribute information to patients interested in her specialty.
  • A restaurant can use RSS to post its daily menus and cooking tips.
  • City government can use RSS to quickly distribute committee notes and legal updates.

The possibilities are endless, and the process is easy.

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