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Novell Client Install Manager

The Novell client platform-specific installation utilities each read a configuration file to install and configure the various properties of the client properly. This file is stored in the same folder as the installation utility and provides information such as where to copy drivers during installation and the most recent version number. This configuration file is configurable through the Novell Client Install Manager (NCIMan).

To create or modify a configuration file with NCIMan, complete the following steps:

  1. Copy the complete \WINNT or \WIN95 directory structure to the server from which users will access the client files. This structure is created when you extract the Novell client files from the Zip file downloaded from http://download.novell.com.

  2. Launch Novell Client Install Manager (see Figure 3.2):

    • Windows XP/2000—NCIMAN.EXE is located in \WINNT\i386\admin.

    • Windows 9x—NCIMAN.EXE is located in \WIN95\IBM_<lan>\ADMIN where <lan> is one of the languages supported by the Novell client.

    Figure 3.2

    Figure 3.2 NCIMan utility from the Novell client for OES NetWare.

  3. Click the New button.

  4. Specify the platform for which you are creating a configuration file and click OK.

  5. Double-click Installation in the left pane. Make your installation option choices and click OK. Each of the installation pages contains a list of the configurable parameters for the various Novell client components (see Figure 3.3).

  6. Figure 3.3

    Figure 3.3 NCIMan installation pages are used to configure a Novell client installation.

    Any installation options different than the default selections will be listed in the right pane of NCIMan.

  7. Double-click Client in the left pane to open the Client tab in the Installation Configuration (see Figure 3.4). From this page you can configure how, or whether, each client component will be installed.

  8. Figure 3.4

    Figure 3.4 NCIMan client pages are used to configure default Novell client properties.

  9. After you have selected all the installation and configuration options you want, click the Save button. You can save the configuration file with any name you want. Make sure you save the file in the same directory as the SETUP.EXE (Windows 9x) or SETUPNW.EXE (Windows XP/2000) file that will run to install the client:

    • Windows 9x—win95\ibm_language

    • Windows NT/XP/2000—winnt\i386

After the configuration file has been saved, it can be used as the Unattend file for performing an unattended client installation or upgrade. This option can be used with web server installations, the Novell Client Upgrade Agent, and Automatic Client Upgrades, all discussed previously in this chapter.

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