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OES NetWare Clients

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Instant Access

Installing/Upgrading the Novell Client

  • Two Novell Clients are available: one for Windows 9x and one for Windows XP/2000. Novell Client files may be downloaded from http://download.novell.com and installed directly, or copied to any convenient location, such as a network server, for installation by any client with existing network access.

  • Use the Novell Client Upgrade Agent to check periodically for updated client files. When found, the Upgrade Agent automatically starts the client upgrade routine.

  • If you are upgrading multiple existing Novell or Microsoft clients for OES NetWare, you can use the Automatic Client Upgrade (ACU) feature to automate this process. Place ACU commands in a profile or container login script to detect whether the client software needs to be installed, and then the ACU updates the workstation automatically, if necessary, when the user logs in.

  • To install the Novell Client from a web server, copy the client files to the web server and use the WriteIP utility to create a SETUPIP executable that will download the Novell Client install files from the web server and launch the client install routine.

Configuring the Novell Client

  • After the Novell Client is installed, you can configure it by using the Novell client property pages. Right-click on the red N icon in the system tray and select Novell Client Properties.

  • To configure the login for a Novell client user, create a login script. Login scripts can be associated with container, profile, and user objects. A login script can control what happens when a user logs into your Novell network. For information and syntax on login scripts, see Appendix B, "NetWare Login Scripts."


  • The NetIdentity agent, available only with the Novell client for Windows XP/2000, provides single sign-on across all Novell services that use eDirectory authentication.

  • In order to use NetIdentity, the first service with which a user authenticates must be NetIdentity-enabled.

  • Install the NetIdentity agent from the \NetIdentity directory that is created when you extract the Novell Client.

The NICI Client

  • The Novell International Cryptographic Infrastructure (NICI) Client v2.6 ships with OES NetWare. The NICI client () provides cryptographic services to all client-side applications and services, including Deployment Manager, Native File Access, Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS), and Certificate Server.

The NMAS Client

  • Novell Modular Authentication Services (NMAS) enable you to supplement or replace the traditional Novell password authentication mechanism with alternative mechanisms, such as smart cards, tokens, and biometrics.

  • The NMAS client provides a framework within which authentication methods can be configured and integrated with Novell eDirectory to provide a flexible and seamless authentication process.

  • The NMAS client can be installed from the Novell Clients CD-ROM.

Accessing Files with Native File Access

  • Native File Access supports Windows CIFS, Apple AFP, and Unix/Linux NFS.

  • Native File Access is a core service of OES NetWare, and is installed automatically during the OES NetWare installation.

Getting the Latest Client Software

  • Novell frequently updates its client software.

  • Check on Novell's Support Website's software download page at http://download.novell.com/ for the latest versions of the NetWare clients.

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