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With this thing taken apart, I can now start looking for ways to modify it for various functions. My ideas are to increase the Wi-fi strength with an external antenna and perhaps alter the shell a bit to allow me to raise the screen for on-the-desk viewing. Other enhancements could be to add a bigger screen, or maybe even some sort of input device. I have heard rumors of a keyboard or InfraRed controller. Regardless, please keep in mind that none of this is sanctioned by Sony. While taking apart the device is not technically reverse-engineering, Sony explicitly outlaws any modifications to their PSP. If you don't believe me, check out page 15 of the manual where they state, "No authorization for the analysis or modification of the system, or the analysis and use of circuit configurations, is provided."

We hope this provided some useful insight as to how the PSP was put together. I know I had fun taking it apart!

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