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Uses for RFIDs?

The uses for RFIDs are nearly limitless. Almost anything that needs to be identified could potentially be identified with an RFID.

The most commonly discussed applications for RFIDs are retail applications. RFIDs could be used to replace UPC codes, and there are movements to create an Electronic Product Code (EPC) based on RFID technology.

An EPC application would be an improvement over UPCs. Because RFIDs can store more information than a UPC, every product could be given a unique ID, allowing a specific product to be tracked from manufacture to distribution to sale. This would help retailers control inventory and prevent loss within the distribution chain. RFIDs also offer increased security, both through the unique IDs and the capability to set specific security bits, which could be used for further loss-prevention or in applications such as video store rentals or libraries.

Just as RFIDs can be used to keep track of the family pet, they can also be used to track livestock. Or for tracking shipping containers and improving logistics. There are even some plans to use an RFID system for traffic management issues.

There are other security applications, which you may have already used. Keycards, which allow locks to be opened with a simple credit card/ID card or with a keychain device, employ RFID technology. Many smartcards also employ RFID technology.

Recently, the U.S. government has been discussing the possibility of using RFIDs in U.S. passports for security measures. Some governments have even investigated using RFIDs for tracking large-denomination currency!

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