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19.7 Resources

Some of the best material on JavaServer Pages comes from two of the books we mentioned in the previous chapter. You now understand how interrelated the two topics of servlets and JSP are, and these two books cover both topics very well:

  • Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages by Marty Hall and Larry Brown, ISBN 0-13-009229-0, a Prentice Hall PTR book.
  • Its sequel, More Servlets and JavaServer Pages by Marty Hall, ISBN 0-13-067614-1, also by Prentice Hall PTR.

As we said, the topic of tag libraries is huge, and just writing about JSTL could fill it's own volume. It has. We recommend:

  • Core JSTL: Mastering the JSP Standard Tag Library by David Geary, ISBN 0-13-100153-1, Sun Microsystems Press.

To get it straight from the horse's mouth, there is the official Sun specifications for JSP, available at

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