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  1. I didn't choose to customize my system while installing Linux in Chapter 2, but when I started Linux for the first time, I saw a text login prompt instead of the graphical login screen. What's wrong?

  1. Your graphics hardware is not supported or detected properly by Red Hat Desktop. Although you can sometimes get initially unsupported display hardware to work, such techniques are beyond the scope of this book. You still can follow some of the lessons in chapters that deal with the Linux command line, but you should consider investing in an upgrade to supported graphics hardware so that you can use the Linux desktop environment.

  1. I can't find my printer in the list of makes and models in the Add a New Print Queue dialog box. What should I do?

  1. If your printer is a PostScript-compatible printer, select Generic from the make drop-down list and then select PostScript Printer from the list of models. If you know that your printer is fully compatible with another make and model of printer, simply select the driver for the other make and model. If neither of these suggestions applies to you, your only alternatives are to select Text Only Printer from the Generic make list or to invest in a supported printer. Beware that a text-only printer cannot print documents from Linux desktop applications such as OpenOffice or from the LaTeX document system discussed in Chapter 21, "Managing High-Quality Documents at the Command Line."

  1. I use America Online as my ISP. Can I run AOL in Red Hat Desktop?

  1. Unfortunately, you cannot yet run AOL in most Linux operating systems.

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