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12.5 Testing the Sample Implementation

The LSB-si (Figure 12.2) is subjected to the same testing regiment as described in Chapter 6:

  1. lsb-runtime-test, with objective being zero failures

  2. lsblibchk, to check that all the required libraries are present

  3. Application Battery, running the FVTs for all the example applications

12fig02.gifFigure 12.2 Sample Implementation

Install the LSB Runtime tests into the LSB-si chroot environment (Example 12.17).

Example 12.17. Runtime Test Installation

# cp lsb-runtime-test-2.0-1.ia32.rpm /opt/lsbsi-ia32/tmp 
# /sbin/chroot /opt/lsbsi-ia32 
# cd /tmp
# rpm -i lsb-runtime-test-2.0-1.ia32.rpm
# password -d vsx0

As shown in Section 12.2.1, log in as user vsx0, then run the LSB Runtime test suite (Example 12.18).

Example 12.18. Running the Runtime Test Suite

vsx0$ telnet localhost
vsx0$ run_tests
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