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Deployment Tasks

After you make changes to the configuration for a managed device, you must deploy those changes on the actual firewalls on your network. You have the following two options when you select the Deployment configuration tab:

  • Deploy Saved Changes

  • Summary Report


These are the options available when workflow is not enabled. If workflow is enabled, refer to the “Workflow Setup” section later in the chapter for the options that are available.

Deploy Saved Changes

Select Deployment > Deploy Saved Changes to cause the Firewall MC to generate the updated configuration files for the device or devices specified by the Scope bar. The Generate Summary window initially shows the deployment options as unavailable until the generation process is complete. Once the generation process is finished, you can deploy the changes to your managed firewalls (see Figure 14-21) using the following options:

  • Deploy Now

  • Deploy Later


Click the Save & Deploy icon on the activity bar to select the Deploy Saved Changes functionality without accessing it through the Deployment configuration tab.

Figure 21Figure 14-21 Generate Summary Window

Click the Deploy Now button to deploy the new configurations to your managed devices immediately, or click the Deploy Later button to delay deploying the new configurations.

After you deploy new configurations, a deployment summary window appears (see Figure 14-22). This window summarizes the results of the deployment process and lets you know the status of the deployment process. It also indicates whether the deployment generated any errors or warnings on the managed firewalls when the configuration commands were executed.

Figure 22Figure 14-22 Deployment Status Summary Window

The Deployment Status Summary window (in Figure 14-22) contains the following two links that you can use to view information about your deployed changes:

  • View Config

  • View Transcript

Click the View Config link to display the deployed configuration for the managed firewall (see Figure 14-23), or click the View Transcript link to display a window that shows a transcript of all configuration commands that were executed and their success status (see Figure 14-24).

Figure 23Figure 14-23 Viewing the Config Window

Figure 24Figure 14-24 Viewing the Deploy Transcript Window

Summary Report

Select Deployment > Status Summary to display the history of the deployment changes that you have made to your managed firewalls (see Figure 14-25).

Figure 25Figure 14-25 Status Summary Window

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