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In the Reports tab, you can view the following three reports:

  • Activity Report

  • Configuration Differences report

  • Device Setting Report

Activity Report

The Activity Report, as the name implies, displays information about the activities or configuration changes that have occurred on the Firewall MC (see Figure 14-26). For each activity, the report provides the following two pieces of information:

  • User that performed the activity and when the change happened

  • The actual configuration changes that were made


If you do not have workflow enabled, the Activity Report shows only the changes that were made. It does not identify the user that performed the changes.

Figure 26Figure 14-26 Activity Report

Configuration Differences Report

The Configuration Differences report enables you to determine if the running configuration on a managed firewall matches the latest configuration that you deployed to it. You can also use this report to determine which managed firewalls have an updated configuration waiting to be deployed. You can generate reports based on the following two options:

  • The approved configuration does not match the deployed configuration.

  • The deployed configuration does not match the running configuration.

Initially, you select the device or group on which you want to check for configuration differences. This displays a window indicating the firewalls that have configuration differences. To view the actual differences, click the View Configuration Differences link next to a specific device. This displays a window outlining the actual configuration differences (see Figure 14-27).

Figure 27Figure 14-27 Configuration Differences Report

Device Setting Report

The Device Setting Report enables you to view the device settings for a device or device group. Each setting also indicates how the setting was derived. Each setting is determined based on one of the following categories:

  • Inherited

  • Mandatory

  • Overridden

You have the following two options when generating this report:

  • Show inheritance only

  • Show inheritance and values

The Show inheritance only option displays a list of all of the device settings, indicating how the setting was derived (see Figure 14-28). The Show inheritance and values option includes the actual values for the settings in addition to how the settings were derived (see Figure 14-29).

Figure 28Figure 14-28 Show Inheritance Only Device Setting Report

Figure 29Figure 14-29 Show Inheritance and Values Device Setting Report

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