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E-Learning Goes Global: How the Cisco Networking Academy Transforms Lives

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With its global success in transforming lives, learning, and social paradigms, the Cisco Networking Academy Program is hailed as a remarkably successful example of a productivity pyramid metaphor.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Key Take-Away

The creation, rapid growth, and global presence of a massive networking talent pool trained via the Cisco Networking Academy Program would not have been possible without a solid e-learning strategy.

Never before have learning and education been as accessible as they are now over the Internet. Today, education can cross boundaries and reach the far-flung corners of the planet. It is now possible, via the Internet, to share technology, best practices, and information, making time and space barriers essentially transparent. If the Internet and education are indeed the two greatest equalizers, the Cisco Networking Academy Program has leveled the playing field for thousands of individuals worldwide with its Internet learning model.

Case Summary

The Cisco Networking Academy Program offers an example of social investment, Internet learning, and educational problem solving in one case study. The program partners with more than 10,000 educational institutions located in more than 140 countries worldwide to deliver technology instruction to upward of 400,000 students. It offers a classic model of leveraging the components of an integrated learning approach—e-communication, e-training, and e-assessment—to change lives, empower institutions, and strengthen the foundation of networking talent globally.

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