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Creating a Subsite

If an administrator or user with the right to create sites and subsites clicks the Create link in the top navigation bar of the site home page, he or she will see a fairly long list of options, which includes Document Libraries, Picture Libraries, Lists, Custom Lists, Discussion Boards, Surveys and ends with Web pages.

If Sites and Workspaces is clicked, the user or administrator will then need to enter some information about the site, such as its title, description, URL name, and whether it will use the permissions of the parent site or have unique permissions. Then a site template can be chosen from a list, as shown in Figure 3.2.

Figure 3.2Figure 3.2 Template selection for the new site or workspace.

In this example the template list contains standard choices, including Team Site, Blank Site, Document Workspace, several Meeting Workspace choices, Great Plains Site, and CCO Project Template. All these are standard choices with the exception of the CCO Project Template, which was created by the Site Administrator and saved to the portal so that it would be available to all top-level sites and subsites. The Great Plains Site template is also not a standard template. Lesson 23, "Creating Sites," provides additional information about the different site templates.

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