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ATI Meets PCI-Express: The ATI X-series

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ATI's new X-series graphic cards integrate PCI-Express high speed graphic processing through the inclusion of Intel chipsets. Find out how this new series differs from ATI's flagship set, the 9800 series in this article by Scott Mueller.
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All about the technology behind the new line of ATI X-series graphics cards.


ATI is the first graphics chip and card builder to develop a line of GPUs with native PCI-Express support. With the introduction of chipsets from Intel and other vendors which have abandoned AGP for PCI-Express high-speed video, ATI's X-series GPUs are showing up in many current and forthcoming PCI-Express-based systems. In this article, you learn how the Radeon X800, Radeon X600, and Radeon X300 differ from ATI's top AGP chipset, the Radeon 9800 series, and which of these new GPUs fits your requirements and budget.

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