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PCI-Express Background

PCI-SIG is the official developer of the PCI-Express specification. News and other information is available at http://www.pcisig.com/.

National Instruments has a good technical discussion of the history and development of PCI-Express. It also features excellent illustrations of PCI-Express expansion slots: http://zone.ni.com/devzone/conceptd.nsf/webmain/70B1D3E338E6F52386256E37006DFDB3

PCI-Express Products

The Inquirer, a popular British IT news website, has an article and illustration of EliteGroup's new 915-based motherboard with PCI, AGP, PCI-Express x1 and PCI-Express x16 slots http://theinquirer.net/?article=16262. Learn more at EliteGroup's website http://www.ecsusa.com/aboutUs/pr_060104_915.html

Alienware's ALX systems, due in Fall 2003, create a video array using two (!) PCI-Express x16 video cards to perform very high-speed 3D graphics rendering. Learn more at http://www.alienware.com/alx_pages/main_content.aspx

ATI's new Radeon X-series GPUs are designed especially for PCI-Express. Learn more at http://www.ati.com/products/pciexpress/subsite/index.html

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