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A Tour of Java Studio Creator

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Sun's Java Studio Creator has a lot of capabilities. In this introductory chapter, you'll get an overview of what the development environment is capable of, and see how a project comes together.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Topics in This Chapter

  • Creator Window Layout

  • Component Palette

  • Source Editors/Code Completion

  • Clips Palette

  • Page Navigation Editor

  • Application Outline Window

  • Server Navigator Window

  • Creator Help System

Sun Java Studio Creator makes it easy to work with web applications from multiple points of view. This chapter explores some of Creator's basic capabilities, the different windows (views) and the way in which you use them to build your application. We show you how to manipulate your application through the drag-and-drop mechanism for placing components, setting attributes in the Properties window, controlling page flow with the Page Navigation editor, and selecting services from the Server Navigator window.

2.1 Examples Installation

We assume that you've successfully installed Creator. The best source of information on installing Creator is Sun's product information page at the following URL.

Creator runs on a variety of platforms and can be configured with different application servers and JDBC database drivers. However, to run all our examples we've used the default application server (J2EE 1.4 Application Server) and PointBase database. Once you've configured Creator for your system, the examples you build in the text should run the same on your system.

Download Examples

You can download the examples for this book at

and select Java Studio Creator Field Guide: Book Examples. The examples are packed in a zip file. When you unzip the file, you'll see the FieldGuide/Examples directory and subdirectories for the various chapters and projects. As each chapter references the examples, you will be instructed on how to access the files.

You're now ready to start the tour of Creator.

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