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Where Sempron Fits into AMD's Processor Strategy

Sempron is designed to fulfill several functions for AMD. First, it enables AMD to move its proven Athlon XP technology into the low-cost marketplace under a new brand name which doesn't conflict with the high-performance image of the Athlon brand.

Second, because Socket A Semprons are essentially Athlon XP Thunderbird-B or Thorton-core processors, AMD can discontinue the Athlon XP processor brand and continue to meet the still-strong demand for Socket A processors. Already, lower-speed Athlon XP processors (2200+ and below) are disappearing from store inventory and being replaced by Semprons.

Third, Socket 754 Semprons enable AMD to offer an entry-level processor for the Socket 754 market. Although AMD is working to move Athlon 64 from Socket 754 to Socket 939, the wide variety of current Socket 754 motherboards can now be paired with a lower-cost processor to make this platform even more popular for 32-bit computing. In the near term, a user who starts with Socket 754 Sempron can upgrade to a variety of Socket 754 Athlon 64s to improve performance and enable use of 64-bit Windows when it becomes available.

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