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Universal Remote Control: Commanding Your Entire System

The final essential component (for me, anyway) is a universal remote control—unless you like juggling multiple remotes, that is. Look for a unit that can learn—or that you can program with—the codes from all your various remote controls. I particularly like touchscreen units that can display different screens for different components.

Unquestionably, the best touchscreen universal remotes today are the Philips Pronto models. Philips makes a variety of models, from relatively low-priced monochrome units to units with fancy color screens to one high-end unit that resembles a tablet PC and has its own built-in speakers. All the Prontos can be customized via computer, using Philip's proprietary programming software. These units take a little time to program and master, but the result is worthwhile.

If you want something a little simpler, check out similar universal remotes from Harmony, One-for-All (Kameleon), and Sony. Some of these units sell for as little as $100—which is a lot more affordable than the ultra-high-end $1,700 Philips iPronto!

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