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Customizing a website template with Composer can be both fun and easy. The family/personal website template presented in this chapter had a home page and three sections: a series of digital photographs, the latest family news, and favorite family recipes. As you saw, customizing the existing pages—changing the text content, altering the colors, selecting a different font or formatting, and so on—are all very easy to accomplish with Composer. You can edit a web page just like you would edit a document with a word processor program.

In addition to working with the provided template web pages, you are encouraged to add additional pieces to your family/personal website so that the site is customized for you and your family. As discussed in this chapter, to add new pages you start by creating a new web page with the layout as another page in your template. From there, you can customize the new page's content. After this, all that remains is to update the other pages so that they provide a hyperlink to the newly created page.

In addition to customizing the template, we looked at how to publish the template to a web server once the customizations had been completed. To publish your web pages, you need to load each web page in Composer and choose the Publish menu option from the File menu. Publishing your web page will upload the actual web page along with any images displayed in the page. Once all of your web pages have been uploaded to the website, anyone with an Internet connection can view your site through a browser!

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