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Section 3: ISDN

Q: Can I use backup interface on R1 to protect the Frame Relay network?

A: The question specifically asks you for visibility of VLAN3 and R4 lo0 networks, Further networks would be available if you were to use the backup interface. This command would also only work if there was a physical Layer 1 problem with the Frame Relay connection.

Q: Can I use floating static routes for VLAN3 and R4 lo0 networks?

A: You are not permitted to use any static routes in any part of the lab.

Q: I have managed to get the ISDN to dial out if I loose visibility of VLAN3 and Lo0 but the line will not stay down. Is this acceptable?

A: If the Frame Relay network is restored, your ISDN line should eventually be disconnected.

Q: Do you want CHAP or PAP configured over the ISDN so only R1 dials into R4?

A: The question does not specifically ask for CHAP or PAP or give sufficient information to configure either.

Q: Can I use my dialer idle-timeout set to 90 seconds to ensure the ISDN does not flap?

A: Adjusting the dialer idle-timeout is not sufficient.

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