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Section 2.1: RIP

Q: Can I use a distribute-list to stop the advertisement of network

A: You cannot configure R2 or R1; R2 must see the network so you cannot configure a distribute-list on R3 either.

Q: Surely the only way to make RIP unicast routing updates is to use the neighbor command and passive-interface?

A: There is another way of forcing this; try to use other IP features if you find that you can not accomplish this using RIP features.

Q: Is it acceptable to use a NAT list to convert my RIP multicast into a unicast?

A: If you answer the question effectively, this is acceptable.

Q: I used NAT and now my connectivity is lost between R2 and R3. Is this supposed to happen?

A: You need to maintain full IP connectivity between all routers as well as answering specific questions.

Q: Can I use summarization to advertise VLAN2 into the /28 RIP V2 domain?

A: The question clearly states no RIP or EIGRP features may be used.

Q: Can I run ospf on my router and redistribute this into RIP with an ospf summary of VLAN2?

A: The question states that no RIP feature may be used; redistribution is a feature of RIP.

Q: Am I permitted to add a secondary address to my configuration?

A: If this achieves the desired result, yes.

Q: I am having problems connecting to VLAN2 from R1 after answering the VLAN2 question. Is this expected?

A: If you experience any connectivity issues, you should investigate and rectify them.

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