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IPsec Caveats

If you use IPsec, keep the following in mind:

  • IPsec in the current implementation does not work with Network Address Translation (NAT).

  • For the Solaris 8 OS, you must download the encryption packages separately. Download the encryption package from the following site:


    DES and 3DES are included with the package in the Solaris 8 OS.

  • For the Solaris 9 OS, DES and 3DES are built-in, but you can get AES and Blowfish with a different cryptography package from the following site:

  • http://wwws.sun.com/software/download/security.html

  • In the Solaris 9 OS, IPsec configuration provides more ipsecconf(1M) options with different syntax. You can use one directive for inbound or outbound traffic. For more information about the Solaris 9 OS IPsec configuration, refer to the Solaris 9 OS documentation:


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