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Using QuickBullets

I use lists in all sorts of documents. They're easier to follow than long, drawn-out explanations, so readers really appreciate them. WordPerfect's QuickBullets feature makes it easy for you to create a bulleted list on-the-fly. Simply type a symbol, and then press Tab—WordPerfect converts the symbol to a bullet. Table 3.1 lists the QuickBullets symbols.

Inserting QuickBullets is easy when you use the following steps:

  1. Choose the Tools menu and select QuickCorrect, Format-As-You-Go. If necessary, place a check mark next to the QuickBullets option.

  2. Type one of the QuickBullets symbols, and then press Tab. As soon as you press Tab, WordPerfect converts the symbol to a bullet.

  3. NOTE

    If you type more than one line of text next to the bullet, you'll notice that the text automatically wraps under the text, not under the bullet. WordPerfect actually converts the tab to an indent so the list has the proper format.

  4. Type the text, and then press Enter. Notice that you automatically get another bullet when you press Enter (see Figure 3.7).

  5. When you are finished with the list, press Enter and then backspace to delete the bullet.

Figure 3.7Figure 3.7 You can use the QuickBullets feature to create bulleted lists with just one or two keystrokes.


If for some reason you don't like the QuickBullets feature, you can easily turn it off. Choose the Tools menu and select QuickCorrect, Format-As-You-Go. Deselect (that is, remove the check mark from) the QuickBullets option.

Table 3.1 lists the six bullet symbols you can create with symbols on the keyboard. You can also refer to the help topic on this for a quick reminder.

Table 3.1 QuickBullet Symbols

Press This

To Get This

+ then Tab

^ then Tab

o or * then Tab

O then Tab

> then Tab

— then Tab

To learn how to indent text, see "Indenting Text."

To learn how to insert bullets with the Bullets and Numbers dialog box, see "Working with Bulleted or Numbered Lists."

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