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Pre-migration Changes Overview

The purpose of pre-migration is to make changes in existing Visual Basic 6.0 projects to smooth the migration to Visual Basic .NET. If the original application has been developed using earlier versions of Visual Basic (earlier than version 6.0), the application has to be first upgraded to Visual Basic 6.0. Then, certain changes have to be made to the Visual Basic 6.0 application based on the pre-migration recommendations. These recommendations are covered in detail in later sections of this chapter.

It is important to note that the pre-migration changes are not mandatory. The upgrade wizard will give errors and warnings for all the code that is not supported in Visual Basic .NET in the form of an upgrade report. Based on the upgrade report, the developer can make changes to the upgraded Visual Basic .NET code.

However, if the developer makes pre-migration changes, the upgrade wizard will automatically do some of the required changes during the upgrade process. Thus the developer would have to concentrate only on those parts of the application that are not upgraded automatically by the upgrade wizard.

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