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Writing Lingo Scripts

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Writing Large Lingo Programs

I've got to write the largest Lingo program that I have tried to date. Where do I start?

Remember that the concept of breaking big problems into smaller ones is the most important aspect of programming. If you get stuck while programming in Lingo, it is likely to be because you have not broken the problem down into small enough pieces. Take a step back and decide how you can break the problem down before continuing.

Changing a Behavior Affects All Instances of the Behavior

I made one change to a frame or button script, and now all of my frames and buttons aren't working right. Why did this happen?

Placing a script in more than one place has advantages. But remember that when you change the code attached to one frame or sprite, the change will also happen for any other frames or sprites where the code is attached.

Old Movies Bring Up Errors

I opened an old Director movie and made some changes to the Lingo code. But now I get errors when I close the Script panel. This code worked fine before. What is wrong?

The backslash (\) continuation character was changed back in Director 8. In earlier versions of Director, the continuation character looks like a lazy L. Older movies that use this character may need to be converted. You may have to manually search through the code and replace the old code continuation character with the new one.

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