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Packaging OpenSSH

The makeOpenSSHPackage.ksh script creates a Solaris OE package. It takes the OpenSSH executables, configuration files, documentation, and optionally, PRNGD's executables and configuration files, and creates the OBSDssh package. The script will need some editing based on your local environment. The makeOpenSSHPackage.ksh script configures openssh.server (the provided init script) based on the configuration of makeOpenSSHPackage.ksh. The init script is included in the generated package. The OpenSSH Tools TAR file containing an init script and a packaging script is available from Sun BluePrints Online, Scripts and Tools page at:


The makeOpenSSHPackage.ksh script uses sshd_config.out and ssh_config.out as the default configuration files for the OpenSSH installation. Place your local configuration into these files before generating the package.

The OBSDssh package does not generate host keys at install-time. Keys are generated at first boot. This is to prevent WebStart Flash installed hosts from having duplicate host keys.

To Generate the OBSDssh Package

  1. Use the cp(1) command to copy the makeOpenSSHPackage.ksh script to the openssh-x.xpx directory.

    $ cp makeOpenSSHPackage.ksh openssh-x.xpx
  2. Copy openssh.server to the parent directory of openssh-x.xpx.

    $ cp openssh.server .
  3. Change the directory to the openssh-x.xpx directory.

    $ cd openssh-x.xpx
  4. Use the ksh(1) command to make the package.

    $ ksh ./makeOpenSSHPackage.ksh
  5. Verify the presence of the package.

    $ ls *pkg
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