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Deploying OpenSSH

Efficient distribution requires that all of the OpenSSH components (client, server, configuration files, and documentation) be combined into a single entity, either a TAR file or preferably a System V package. TAR files are easy to create and transfer, but they require manual installation. System V packages are the standardized process for installing, updating, and removing software on the Solaris OE.

The components of the Solaris OE are installed using packages. A package enables automated installation of OpenSSH, as needed or at install time, using the JumpStart software technology. The binaries, configuration files, and documentation are copied to their respective locations, and any needed symbolic links are created.

For more information on packages, refer to the Application Packaging Developer's Guide at http://docs.sun.com and the following manual pages:

  • pkgadd(1M)
  • pkginfo(1)
  • pkgmk(1)
  • pkgparam(1)
  • pkgproto(1)
  • pkgtrans(1)
  • installf(1M)
  • pkgask(1M)
  • pkgrm(1M)
  • removef(1M)
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