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A Checklist

Here's a quick checklist to consult when considering how to list your site from the perspective of search engine marketing. (For a print-ready PDF version, click here.)



Get active consent

Make it clear that consumers are agreeing to a permission email relationship. If your check box says "Yes" or "No," don't pre-check the box.

Make unsubscribing easy

Create a special page on your web site where recipients can unsubscribe by just clicking a URL in your email.

Maintain subscriber privacy

Don't give or sell customers' email addresses—that is, their permission to be emailed—to any other company or person, unless you ask for the customer's okay in advance.

Make updates easy

Users should have a quick-and-easy way to give you updated contact info.

Protect your IP address

Make sure that your marketing department is using a double opt-in email list.

Educate your organization

IT is responsible for educating your entire organization on proper email protocol and the elements of permission marketing. Don't expect them to know this stuff—instead, expect to teach it to them.

Work to reduce abandon rates

Tell users how long the form should take to fill in, make it easy to track where they are in the process, and limit the requested info to 5–7 items.

Prep your marketing staff for response

Tell the marketing department when their email is about to go out, so they're ready to respond to inquiries.

Pay attention to bounce-backs

Collect all the bounced-back email, track it in a database, and try again to reach those people.

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