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Photoshop in Focus

There are many options that need to be precisely set to make your type look "just right." After you find a combination of settings that produce what you want, you'll likely want to use them in other projects. Photoshop 7's Tool Presets can make reproducing a specific look a snap.

  1. Select the Type tool from the Toolbox.

  2. In the Options Bar, select a font that you typically use for large type.

  3. Select options that are appropriate for large type. Font size, tracking, scaling, color, and leading are some of the choices you need to make.

  4. Click on the Tool Presets palette tab or use the Window menu command Tool Presets to bring the palette forward.

  5. From the Tool Presets palette menu, choose New Tool Preset or click the New Preset button at the bottom of the palette.

  6. Name the new preset appropriately. The name might contain such words as Headline or Large and the font name.

  7. Change all parameters necessary, including font and size, to set the Type tool for body text.

  8. Save the new settings, using the Tool Presets palette menu.

  9. Open the Presets Manager by using the Edit menu or the Tool Presets palette menu.

  10. Shift-click on your Type tool presets. Click the Save button to create a set of type tools for future projects.

Remember that creating tool presets doesn't save them. Should you need to reset your Tool Presets palette, your custom tool presets are lost unless saved as a set.

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